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SSA is a management consultancy offering bespoke solutions for business improvement aimed at building competitiveness of an enterprise to achieve profitability, growth and perpetuity. It was founded in 1999 by N.C. Narayanan (fondly known as NC), a renowned management guru with a missionary zeal to help enterprises scale and prosper. In its journey of over two decades, SSA has made a significant contribution to more than 1000 industries in over 20 countries, representing diverse sectors across government, not-for-profit, public and private sector.

Over the years, SSA has partnered with its clients offering an array of solutions spanning strategy planning, goal deployment, lean manufacturing/lean service, and IT automation to name a few. Our success is driven by our ability to create real and sustainable improvement that lasts long after the consulting engagement. We believe every client is different and therefore offer a bespoke consulting approach that is carefully crafted considering the client’s unique needs in order to maximise value creation. We pride ourselves on the return on investments that we consistently deliver to clients and measure our success in terms of sustained client relationship — in many cases spanning well over a decade.

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